Coach Baumgartner has 50 plus years of experience in teaching shooting and other offensive skills. This experience was gained through coaching teams and running the Dick Baumgartner Basketball Shooting Camps. He has corrected thousands and thousands of players shots on an individual one-on-one basis. With this experience he has developed great techniques, drills, and word usage to easily teach a player to shoot.

Coaches who have worked with him feel his techniques, drills, and word usage are the best for getting players easily and naturally into the correction or the teaching of a move or shot.

Coach Baumgartner works with Eric Gordon of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Coach Baumgartner works with Eric Gordon of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Coach Baumgartner is still very active and current in today`s game. By doing individual lessons throughout the year, basketball shooting camps in the summer and observing the great shooters, he is able to teach the players who attend camp the shooting techniques and moves that the great players use.

It is important to know that Coach Baumgartner sees and knows there are correct differences in shots. He knows what to correct and what not to correct in shooting. There are some big differences in the shots of some of the great shooters in the country. Too often instructors do not know the differences and will change something that should not be changed. These differences need to be understood when working with a player`s shot.

Through his many years of experience Coach Baumgartner has trained his permanent shooting staff instructors so that they are able to provide the very best one-on-one shooting instruction. His professionally trained staff is on duty morning, noon, and night at the shooting camps.

Other Qualifications
Dick has Written 3 popular shooting books, has invented a shooting aid, and as mentioned above has worked one-on-one with thousands of players, both boys and girls of all ages with their shooting. Dick has spoken at many clinics and camps throughout the country. He has produced nine videos and DVDS. Two of the recent DVDS and videos were on “pull-up jump shooting” and “moves and shots”. He also recently added two new features to the Sure Shot Training Aid.

Coach Dick Baumgartner is in the Indiana Coaches Hall Of Fame, Laporte Hall of Fame, Crawfordsville Hall of Fame, and the Montgomery Hall of Fame.

Coach Baumgartner also offers private, one-on-one basketball shooting lessons.