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Teaching DVDS

These basketball training dvds are very popular with both coaches and players. You will find that the basketball dvds listed here are constructed so that it is easy for a player or coach to take the drills and information and put them into affect immediately.

Again, the basketball drills and techniques are very easy to understand and do. This is very important because when players are working on their own it is critical that they run the drills correctly.

 50 Plus Years of Experience In Teaching Offensive Fundamentals

Coach Baumgartner coached teams for 20 years and has run the Dick Baumgartner Basketball Shooting Camps for the last 34 years. Basketball shooting and other offensive fundamentals are taught at the shooting camps. With this experience he has spent as much time teaching offensive fundamentals and techniques as anyone in U.S. or Europe. The dvds and videos have been constructed from all of these teaching experiences.

These training and instructional videotapes and DVDS explain and show how the great and very good basketball players execute offensive fundamentals. The information in these videotapes and dvds is up-to-date and demonstrated very well by the players who are demonstrating the shooting and other offensive fundamentals.

 For Both Boys and Girls

These instructional basketball videotapes and dvds are for both boys and girls. The demonstrating in the videotapes and dvds is done by both boys and girls and applies to players of different ages. Grade school, Jr. High School, High School, College, and Professional Players can benefit from these offensive fundamental videos and dvds.


In today`s basketball, coaches want a player to be a complete scorer ; one that can shoot from out, pull-up with a jumper at anytime, and be able to take the ball to the basket and finish well. Our training basketball videos and dvds can provide you with all the essentials to make you a great scorer, just like the great professional and collegiate players.


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