The Best Free Throw Method

This DVD on free throw shooting shows how to:

  • Execute the best free throw methods
  • Properly time the free throw
  • Develop a routine
  • Easily develop power to execute the free throw

Develop a routine Developing a free throw routine:

  • Proper foot-basket alignment procedure
  • Beginning stance
  • Bounce ball
  • Ball position and level
  • Sight point
  • Lifting ball-bending knees
  • Height of lifting ball
  • Push up with feet
  • Release and follow through

Free Throw Information

  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • How and when to practice

More techniques and methods are used for free throw shooting than any other area of shooting. This video explains and shows the free throw that is used the most by players in high school, college, and professional basketball.

As in jump shooting, there are certain fundamentals which must be executed properly for accurate free throw shooting. These essential fundamentals are shown and explained in this DVD. How to develop a routine and proper rhythm while executing the best free throw method is also shown.

The free throw shown in this DVD is considered the best for several reasons. Besides being able to shoot a high percentage with this method, the habits developed transfer well to the jump shot. In fact, it transfers better than any other method. There are some free throw methods which do not transfer well to the jump shot and should definitely not be used.

After reviewing this free throw method, it will be easier for a player or coach to recognize the difference in free throw shooting. It will also help a coach or player to recognize mistakes so adjustments can be made if necessary.

This DVD on free throw shooting shows and explains how to teach a system where each player executes the same free throw. It also shows how to teach a procedure where you can adjust the method to individual player differences. This last method is used more than any other throughout the United States.

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