Recent Testimonial on the benefits of using the shooting techniques and drills taught at the Dick Baumgartner Shooting Camp.  Alex Topalovic is a 11th grade player from Serbia.
Coach Baumgartner showed me what I needed to practice to be a better shooter and a more complete scorer.  He cleaned up my grip so that I am now a more consistent shooter in all situations.
He worked with me on my footwork and release so now instead of good range, I have great range.
After practicing the techniques and drills he gave me for learning to dribble better, I now have so much more power and drive to the basket.  Coach Baumgartner also showed me what  to do so that I can finish around the basket against a strong defensive player.
I have not had a good pull up jump shot which I have needed.   He showed me two drills and techniques that really helped me to do the pull up jump shot and the step back shot.
Coach Baumgartner`s drills and techniques were easy to do, and I learned  easily and quickly from them.  Alex.
Coach Baumgartner`s comments:  After Alex has been taught how to do some important offensive skills correctly, his potential has really improved.  If he continues to work on the techniques and drills given to him, he will become an outstanding player.
Alex mentioned to his guardian that he now knows that in the past, he has been taught so many skills incorrectly.  Again, with the correct training he is showing tremendous improvement on all of his offensive skills.   Join us this summer at the Dick Baumgartner Basketball Shooting Camps for a great learning experience.