Quality and Number Of Professionally Trained Shooting Instructors

No other shooting camp in the country will provide the quality and number of one-on-one shooting instructors which we provide each week at our shooting camps.

The 6 or 7 one-on-one shooting instructors that work each week of camps are trained by Dick Baumgartner and they are the only coaches who work one-on-one with the players who attend camp. The one-on-one instruction is their job at camp and they are on duty morning, noon, and night. The shooting instructors are part of the permanent staff and most of them are with us all weeks of camps.

Experience Of Shooting Instructors

Each one of the shooting instructors have been with the Dick Baumgartner Shooting Camps for several years. Besides their professional training, they have had a lot of one-on-one experience so they are really qualified to work with players on their one-on-one shooting instruction.

For example, John Corcoran from Princeton H.S., Cinn, Ohio coached for many years and then retired. He has worked as a shooting instructor at our shooting camps for 28 years. In that time he has done thousands of player`s shots. He has done a great job for us in those 28 years. Our other shooting instructors are also very qualified and do a great job with the players who attend our shooting camps.

Permanent Staff

  • Most of the permanent staff people work each week of the 6 weeks of camps.
  • 6 or 7 professionally trained shooting instructors
  • Manager
  • 2 assistant managers
  • Certified Trainer
  • Director (Dick Baumgartner)

Drill Station Coaches

Besides our permanent staff we hire 24 to 27 other coaches ( most of them are high school coaches) each week who help with the station drilling and refereeing.

Total Staff For Each Week

With the 24 to 27 coaches we hire each week plus the permanent staff, we have a total staff consisting of 35 to 39 individuals each week. It varies some with the size of the camp for that week.

No other camp will be set-up like we are to teach basketball shooting and other offensive fundamentals. Our one-on-one system is different and our drilling set-up is different. As mentioned in another section on the website, we use the same procedure for drilling as John Wooden did when he ran his camps in the summer. With this method we can give the best and most consistent teaching of any procedure used for drilling.

Welcome Parents and Coaches

We welcome parents and coaches of players to come and observe the shooting camps. We are very proud of how our shootng camps are run. We like for parents to see and understand why we get such great results on teaching shooting and other offensive fundamentals.

Good Competition And Three Games A Day

Remember, besides great instruction and drilling we provide three games a day with good competition for all age groups.