Great Dribbling Techniques and Drills

Great Techniques and Drills for Developing:

  • Control
  • Cross over dribble
  • Dribble between legs
  • Balance
  • Back Dribble
  • Ball Protection
  • Going against heavy pressure

You will want to learn:

  • 3 most common mistakes
  • 4 main techniques for great control
  • 2 most common dribbling methods
  • How to easily develop the weak hand

Learn Key Control Techniques to:

  • Change directions easily
  • Go ahead quickly
  • Pass to open player
  • Protect ball
  • Get into shot quickly

Team Drills:

  • 3 point line (developing point guard)
  • Sideline trap drill
  • Top of key (Penetration Drill)
  • Three man chaser
  • Line drill (Control-Balance)

This videotape on dribbling has techniques and drills that can be used by both coaches and players. There are team drills that can be used in practice and individual drills that can be worked on at home.

There is new information on dribbling in this videotape that hasn’t been presented before. You will want to know about these new techniques, which will help you to easily learn how to dribble really well.

When learning to become a great dribbler you must use techniques which will allow you to control the basketball. The dribbling techniques given in this video are used by the great ball handlers and are simple and easy to do. Remember, control is the word. You must learn to control the basketball. Some players, by using poor dribbling techniques, let the ball control them. It is believed you will find this video to have the most complete information ever given on dribbling. The demonstrators do a very good job of showing you what is correct in dribbling a basketball.

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