Great Drills & Techniques to Develop the Pull-Up Jump Shot

After a thorough study on the breakdown of the pull up jump shot, it was learned that there are five essential techniques needed to execute this shot consistently well.

This DVD tape covers all five essential techniques that must be followed to do the pull-up jumper at anytime. Once a player can execute the techniques and drills correctly he or she will easily pull up and execute the pull-up jumper.

After practicing the techniques and drills given, everything just automatically comes together and the results are amazing.

Once you learn the techniques to do the pull-up jumper, you will have also learned many of the techniques which will help you to score better. The pull-up jump shot techniques and drills will also help your overall shooting.

 5 Main Essential Techniques

  • Short Dribble – Correct Step
  • Head and Body Position
  • Picking Ball up Correctly
  • Dribbling Correctly
  • Coordinating Dribble with Footwork

24 Drills

  • 4 Footwork Drills
  • 4 Dribbling Drills
  • 2 Ball Pick Up Drills
  • 12 Pull Up Jump Shot Drills
  • 2 Shot Fake Drills

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