Frequently Asked Questions for Our Camp


Shirts, tapes, and basketballs are for sale opening and closing day. There is also a snack shop open each evening before they go to bed.
Snacks yes, bur there is no place to get ice for a cooler.
Check in Sunday 12:00-2:00pm. Check our Wednesday 5:00 P.M.
Yes, if you let us know we will have your child placed on a team according to age.
Yes, but you will miss some things.
Yes, we work very hard to march your room request so your child is happy with their roommate. If we make a mistake, we can usually still change that day.
Yes, you can bring it to check in or mail it in early.
Yes, if you mail it in a release two weeks prior so we have it in plenty of time. Make sure you mark the week your child is attending.
Yes, the bath rooms and showers are dormitory style.
Coaches and Counselors staying with them. Bed check, etc. The camp is exceptionally well supervised inside and our.
Bed, dresser, closer, typical dormitory style room.
No TV, we discourage radios because kids lose chem, make sure content of CDs is appropriate.
No, we do not allow anyone to have their own basketballs in the gym.
Yes, we welcome parents to come and watch any of the sessions and games.
No, you sign the form that scares they are physically fit to the best of your knowledge.
We have two full-time trainers that can distribute medication or your child can rake it themselves if you feel more comfortable. We just ask for you to let us know about it. f you want to send aspirin or Tylenol with your child, you must do so because we are nor allowed to give it our without a doctor’s prescription.
Yes, you can come at 4:30 P.M. to watch the final games and an awards presentation.
Several entrees, vegetables, and sides are available at each meal. This includes a salad bar, sandwich bar, and dessert and fruit bar in addition to the main courses.
We have rooms for two, three, or four kids. We have mostly triples available, so this works best if it fits your needs.
765-939-2500 or 765-966-4994

Have a question other than the above, feel free to contact us directly.