Girl's Testimonial on Baumgartner's Basketball CampRecent testimonial from a sophomore player in High School.  DeAnn Kauffman had a very good year at Union ( Modoc) High School.
After Coach Baumgartner changed some of my shooting techniques, I became a more complete scorer.  He told me that he was teaching me techniques that the best women players use.
Coach Baumgartner worked with me on my shooting pocket level which then made it easy to shoot the 3 pt shot as well as the pull up jumper and the step back shot.  He also worked with my footwork which helped me to have better range with my 3 pt. shooting.
He showed me the two main ways that players shoot free throws.  I use one of the ways and shot 82% from the line.
After practicing what he gave me about dribbling, I went to the basket much better.  He also went over the correct way to shoot a lay up.  I now shoot a softer lay up.
I feel after Coach Baumgartner worked with me that my over all offensive skills are
much better.  The techniques and drills that he gave me helped me average 16.5 points a game my sophomore year.
Coach Baumgartner`s Comments:    DeAnn`s potential is really great.  If she continues to work on her offensive skills she will become an outstanding scorer with the ability to score in many ways.