Individual Shooting Workout for Boys

Individual Shooting Workout for Girls

Drills to develop:

  • Shooting on-the-move
  • Shot fake and penetration
  • Shooting off dribble
  • 3 pt. shooting
  • Squaring up
  • Free Throw shooting
  • Footwork
  • Form
  • Touch
  • Alignment
  • Shooting pocket
  • Wrist-hand position

Individual shooting workout for:

  • Boys and girls
  • Players of all ages
  • Advanced and young players
  • Players who really want to excel

These two DVD have the same content. The difference is that in the boys DVD the demonstrating is done by boys and in the girls DVD the demonstrating is done by girls.

In general, ballplayers do not practice shooting well on their own. One of the problems is that they do not have good individual shooting drills. This is the purpose of this shooting DVD. It gives players of all ages very good drills to develop their shooting skills by themselves.

With this DVD, you can decide what drills you want to do in each workout. Each drill has a purpose. The drills are simple and easy to execute. These drills are for the advanced player, as well as the young player. The drills will help you develop very good shooting fundamentals.

Many of the drills will automatically put you into correct shooting fundamentals for straighter shooting. Make sure you follow the key essentials that are emphasized for each drill.

This is a great DVD to have, because it will help prepare you for the different outside shooting situations you will face. After doing these drills, no cutting angle or position on the floor will be too difficult for you.

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