Moves & Shots to Make You a Great Scorer

This new DVD on scoring contains the most informative information ever given on how to teach a player to score. The DVD gives the techniques and drills which will help any player to become a great scorer.

Some players get their shots off and others do not. This DVD will give the techniques which will help players to get their shots off like the top scorers in the country. The moves and shots are broken down and explained in this DVD so you can easily learn to do them. The techniques are great and the drills are simple to do.

Scoring Techniques

  • Conventional Lay-up
  • Near Arm Lay-up
  • Reverse Lay-up
  • Power Lay-up
  • Pump Fake
  • Driving Techniques
  • Hesitation Moves
  • Pull-up Jumper
  • Step In – Step Out Shot
  • Across Middle Move
  • Shot Fake
  • 3pt. Shooting

24 Drills

  • 5 Lay-up Drills
  • 2 Power Lay-up Drills
  • 3 Pump Fake Drills
  • 4 Driving Drills
  • 3 Pull-up Jumper Drills
  • 2 Step In – Step Out Drills
  • 2 Across Middle Drills
  • 2 Hesitation Drills
  • 2 Shot Fake Drills
  • I 3pt. Shooting Drill

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