So, why should you attend our camp?  What makes our camp the best shooting camp in the country?  Simply put, we are the most experienced and successful in  teaching shooting and other offensive skills to both boys and girls of all ages because of how and what we teach.  After attending our camp many players have gone back and led not only their team in scoring, but also their conference.

The art of teaching is knowing how to break things down so players can easily learn.  It`s knowing what words to use, how to drill and constant repetition.  No one will drill you like we do!  Coaches who have attended our camp commonly say our drills and techniques are the best in the country.

One of the highlights of our camp has always been the individual one-on-one shooting instruction.  Players have the opportunity to work with shooting instructors  who have been personally trained by Coach Baumgartner.  During these sessions players receive a personal shooting evaluation card with corrections and drills to improve their shooting.  Players can attend as many of these one-on-one sessions as they like.  There is no other camp in the country that offers this kind of individual instruction!

After 35 years of camps and helping over 74,000 players, we have proven that we can take a player of any age, male or female and make them a better shooter and scorer.  Many players who have attended our camp commonly say they learned more at our camp than all other camps combined,

We look forward to working with you.