Private Lessons with Coach Baumgartner

Many players are interested in one-on-one lessons with Coach Baumgartner. With the way he will break down each shooting skill and other offensive skills, he can easily teach both males and females of all ages. This includes:

  • Grade School
  • Junior High School
  • High School
  • College
  • NBA Players

Basketball Shooting Lessons
In a basketball shooting lesson all shooting mistakes are corrected in regards to: 

  1. grip
  2. arm alignment
  3. head and body position
  4. footwork
  5. lifting and releasing the ball correctly
  6. timing the releasing of the basketball
  7. Balance hand, etc.

Learning Basketball Shooting and Other Offensive Skills 
All techniques, drills, and mistakes are written down for you to take home and work on them. Offensive skills are learned well through great techniques, drills, and word usage. Our`s are the best. We have developed them through working with thousands and thousands of players in the last 50 years on an individual one-on-one basis.

Basic Basketball Shots Taught In Lesson
The following are the basic shots taught in the lesson: 

  1. Free Throw
  2. 3 pt. Shot
  3. Pull up Jump Shot
  4. Step Back Shot

Other offensive Skills Taught In the Shooting Lesson
If time permits the following are some other offensive skills taught in the shooting lesson.

  1. Dribbling (dribbling techniques and drills that will definitely improve your dribbling.
  2. Eurostep ( taught and explained so player will know how to use the Eurostep )
  3. Spin Move
  4. Driving Drills and Techniques
  5. Finishing Techniques and Drills ( Near Arm Lay-up, Pump Fakes and Hitch Moves, Reverse Lay ups etc.)

The cost is $55.00 an hour. Most players want a two hour lesson. In the two hours Coach Baumgartner will cover a lot of shooting and other offensive skills. With Coach Baumgartner`s experience he will correct mistakes easily and quickly. 

Scheduling A Lesson 
Lessons are held at Earlham College, Highway 40 West in Richmond, Indiana 47374. The college gym is called the Wellness Center. Usually lesson are done on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Some are done during the week. Different times can be arranged.

Contact Coach Baumgartner: 
Call: 765-914-8945 or 765-9664994 to schedule a basketball shooting lesson, or fill out our contact form.