Girls Making Changes In Shooting A Basketball

Our girls basketball shooting camps are probably the first and only basketball shooting camps who have made these very important basketball shooting changes for girls. What we are teaching is the way the best women pros and colleges players are shooting the basketball. Just in recent years some girls have been using the better techniques to shoot.


Pull-Up Jump Shots and Step Back Shots

In the past girls have had trouble in shooting pull-up jump shots and step back shots. With our techniques and drills, we teach both of these shots easily and quickly to girls.

Distance In Shooting A Basketball

Too often it is said girls are not strong enough to shoot 3 pt. shots. By using the the correct drills and techniques you can easily give a player both boy or girl better range. We use techniques at our shooting camps that definitely can give players better range.


One shooting skill that is often taught incorrectly to girls is a conventional lay-up. I saw several teams last year where the players missed several lay ups because they did not put the ball on the backboard correctly.
Through the years, we have taught thousands of girls how to execute the lay-up where they put the ball up softly on the backboard. The correct lay up is taught by drilling a player using the correct techniques and drills. Every player who attends our camp knows how to shoot a correct lay up when they leave camp.

This year`s 3 Pt. Shooting Contests For Both Male and Female Players

Both male and female players who shot the best 3 pt. shots in this year`s 3 pt. contests on TV were executing techniques that we teach at our basketball shooting camps. If you attend our camps you will learn the best way to shoot a basketball which will put you ahead of girls in your program and others.

Other Offensive Skills

Besides teaching 3 pt. shooting, free throw shooting, pull up jumper and step back shot, etc. we do a very good job of teaching dribbling, driving, and other offensive skills. We want you to be a complete scorer and we can do this with our techniques, drills, word usage, and great individual one-on-one instruction.

Games and Contests

Besides the developing of offensive skills, we provide 9 games and several contests. We award medals and ribbons to the winners.