Shooting Off the Pass Workout for Boys and Girls

These two person drills will show you how to correctly practice receiving and shooting:

  • Off the pass from front
  • Off the pass from point
  • Over defensive hand
  • Coming across middle
  • While speed shooting
  • With defense running at shooter
  • After passing to post

Learn how to:

  • Square up quickly to shoot
  • Be ready to shoot
  • Practice developing form
  • Practice free throw shooting
  • Face different shooting situations

In this DVD Shooting Off the Pass, the shooting demonstration is done by both boys and girls.

This is a great DVD for dads who want to work with their sons and daughters on their basketball shooting. With the shooting off the pass drills shown in this DVD, dads will really be able to help their sons and daughters.

These shooting drills can also be run in a basketball practice with two players passing to each other. As a player in the off season, you need to spend time practicing shooting with someone passing you the ball. Either get your dad, friend, or another player to pass the ball to you.

The “two person” shooting drills in this DVD will prepare you for the difficult shooting situations you will face in a game.

Remember, most of the shooting done in a game is off the pass, so it is essential that you practice shooting with someone passing you the ball.

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