New Sure Shot Basketball

Most Beneficial Shooting Aid Ever Put On The Market

It Helps With More Parts Of Shooting Than Any Other Shooting Aid

Correct Grip is one of the most important parts in shooting a basketball well. The Sure Shot Basketball puts the player automatically into correct grip techniques, plus much more.

The best part of the Sure Shot is that it positively works if used correctly. A player will get immediate results and he or she will feel the results right away.

Benefits When Using The Sure Shot Correctly

  1. Basketball is started in the shot line (most ideal shooting pocket )
  2. Automatically helps player to cock hand and wrist correctly ( important for great range ) .
  3. It gives the correct spread of the index finger and thumb and fingers.
  4. Starts player in the most ideal wrist position.
  5. Helps player to automatically align arm parts correctly.
  6. Guidelines to make it easy to place and use the the guide or balance hand correctly.
  7. Everything is constructed so that the player will use his or her body parts in the most natural and simple way.

Two Different Sizes

There is a regulation size Sure Shot Basketball and a smaller size Sure Shot ( 28.5 ). Both sizes are available in right or left hand. Also included is and instruction sheet which shows and explains how to use the Sure Shot ball.

Front view of player using the Sure Shot

Top view of player using the Sure Shot

Side view of player using the Sure Shot

About The Inventor Of The Sure Shot Basketball

Dick Baumgartner one of the country`s leading shooting authorities, invented the Sure Shot Basketball in 1968. It worked great then and he has added another feature to make it even better.

Proper grip is an essential in great shooting and the ball covers grip better than any other shooting aid. The great part about the Sure Shot is that it does so much more than just give the player the best grip techniques. It also develops other essentials shooting fundamentals necessary for a player to become a great shooter.

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