Techniques for Developing Low Post Moves and Shots

Many coaches have said this DVD has the most complete information available on low post play. The shots and moves shown are used by many of the great center.s in basketball today.

This video will show and explain many drills and techniques which automatically put the player into the move or shot. Coaches, regardless of which low post system you teach, there are some techniques and drills explained and shown that will be a must for your coaching library.

This DVD will Explain and Show low post moves

  • Keys and guidelines which automatically help put players into the correct shooting and driving techniques.
  • Shots and moves broken down so the young player can learn easily
  • Balance techniques which will keep player balanced when shooting-driving-receiving-and pivoting the low post area.
  • Simplified techniques which will help the post player to shoot quicker off the turn around jumper.
  • Techniques used for playing against strong-physical defensive competition.
  • Techniques and drills which fit the best moves and shots to each individual.s abilities.

Low Post Move and Shots

  • Ball Position
  • Hand Position
  • Stance
  • Head Position
  • Stops
  • Faking
  • Shots
    • Turn around jumper
    • Jump Hook
    • Step-thru
    • Power lay-up
  • Steps and Turns
    • Outside turn
    • Drop step
    • Straight-out step
    • Cross step

Team and Individual Drills

  • Hand education drill
  • Reading defensive hand drill
  • Drill to develop correct stance
  • No-bounce stationary shooting drills
  • Receiving and pivoting drill
  • One bounce driving and shooting drills
  • Reading defense and reacting drill
  • Individual shooting drills for each of the 4 low post shots
  • Dribbling and reacting to pressure drill

This Over-All Post System

  • Develops both Stationary and Driving Post Play
  • Develops into easily learned routines
  • Adjusts easily to any offensive style
  • Incorporates moves and shots which go together
  • Attacks both baseline and middle areas

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