3 Point Shooting Made Easy

This DVD on three point shooting shows:

  • Techniques for developing power to shoot from 3 point range
  • Two basic ways of shooting 3 point shots
  • Techniques for developing quick shooting
  • Techniques to make it easier to square to the basket

Long Range Fundamentals

  1.  Footwork
  2. Body position
  3. Shooting pocket
  4. Sighting target
  5. Height of lifting ball
  6. Timing
  7. Stable Base
  8. Release and follow through

Team Drills

  • Shooting 3 point shot off fast break
  • Three point shooting off penetration
  • Shooting off pass from middle area
  • Shooting off pass from point or wing

To shoot well from the 3 point area, players must basically perform the jump shot correctly. If players execute some fundamentals of the jump shot only fairly well, they can still shoot average from 15 to 18 feet, but not well at all from the 3 point range. This DVD will explain and show the fundamentals which are necessary for great 3 point shooting.

I believe you will like how this DVD not only explains the basic fundamentals for long range shooting, but also emphasizes which are most important. For example, there are basically four fundamentals which affect range, but two of these four fundamentals are essential and must be done correctly or the player cannot develop enough power to shoot well from the 3 point area. When players correctly execute the essential fundamentals for long range shooting, they can easily get the ball to the basket from the 3 point area. When long range shooting is done correctly, the shot is not strained or forced.

The team drills used for 3 point shooting can also be used for zone shooting. They are basically the same except you might not want every player on the team shooting from 3 point range.

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