Developing Inexperienced Player’s Shooting

Drilling And One-On-One Individual shooting instruction

Most camps for young or inexperienced players usually do not drill young player much because they feel their attention span is short. Players, young and old do not progress in their basketball skills when they are not trained properly.

Remember, there are no short cuts. “To be the very best you can be”, you must put forth the effort and also be trained properly. With our experience, techniques, drills, and one-on-one instruction, we believe that we can help you reach your goals and full potential. Young players who have attended our camps in the past have progressed real well in their shooting and over-all offensive fundamentals.

Many players young and old who have attended other camps say they learned more at the Dick Baumgartner Basketball Shooting Camp than all the other camps put together. This is the most common comment we get about our shooting camp.

Our camp provides a well-rounded program. Besides all the training, players play two to three games a day and participate in several contests throughout the week. Young players will have fun at our camp, but most of all they will learn a lot.


Young or inexperienced players will compete against players of the same age and grade level. The competition is good and every player gets to play at least one half per game. If ten are on a team the players split the time.

Coaches And Parents

Coach Baumgartner wants you to feel confident that the shooting camp with it`s really qualified shooting instructors and the rest of the staff (total staff between 34 to 39 people each week) will do a great job with the young or inexperienced players.

Parents, if you send you son or daughter you will find that we truly care about making them better basketball shooters and scorers. We are the number one attended basketball shooting camp in the nation for both boys and girls, because of how many players we have helped with their shooting and scoring in the last 34 years.

Young Or Inexperienced Players Who Have Attended Camp In The Past

Players who attend our camp at an early age have really developed well in their shooting and over-all offensive fundamentals. Many coaches and parents have said that they were really glad they started their young or inexperienced players in our program early. Remember, for a player of any age to learn basketball shooting and other offensive fundamentals, he or she must be drilled well and get great one-on-one instruction. Our camp provides this and much more.

Supervision And Security

All the camp facilities are real close together ( dorms, gym, cafeteria, player`s lounge and snack bar ). The supervision and security is very good.